Waffle Toppings-
What Makes or Breaks a Great Breakfast!

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There are all kinds of different waffle toppings out there. These days, it seems like people will put just about anything on their waffle!

There are a few that stand out to be more common than others though. For example, strawberry waffling toppings are very common. Although some people will just use strawberries cut up into slices, the most popular method is by using mashed strawberries.

To do this, start by cutting the stems off the strawberries. Then put them all into a big bowl and mash them together. The softer and squishier they are, the better! Once they’re all mashed up, throw in some sugar and mix it in to make the topping even sweeter.
Besides just using this as a Belgian waffle topping, you can also put this on biscuits or shortcake for AMAZING strawberry shortcake!
Another very popular thing to try is blueberry waffle toppings. Ever heard of blueberry waffles? That’s because blueberries seem to work very well with the taste of waffles for some reason!  In case you don’t want to put the blueberries in the waffle, this waffle topping recipe is a great alternative.

Basically, the process is similar to what you did with strawberries. Make sure there are no stems or leaves attached to the blueberries. Then put them in a large bowl and mash them together. Although you can put in sugar to make it sweeter, many people don’t like their toppings too sweet so they leave it out. This is also a good choice if you are trying to use healthy waffle toppings.

One more good Belgian waffle topping is peaches! Everyone loves a good peach, right? Well have you ever tried it on a waffle? It’s really good, even though you may not expect it!

For peaches, you still have to mash them to get them soft enough to make toppings out of. However, you should also considering skinning it (although this can be hard because peaches have a very soft outer layer). Again, you don’t have to add sugar if you think the peaches are plenty sweet already, but if you have a sweet tooth you might like it!

What else can you put on a waffle? I’m sure you probably already know this, but maple syrup is one of the best and most popular choices to smother a waffle with. It’s my personal favorite, and almost everyone in my family uses it (unless we go out to someplace like IHOP where they make the toppings for you!)

Maple syrup is fairly easy to make as well, but is a bit more complicated than the other toppings mentioned above. To make good syrup, you need access to maple trees nearby to extract their sap.

As you can see, there are a number of great things to put on top of your waffles. If you really love this breakfast food, I encourage you to try several different Belgian waffle toppings to help you decide what you like the best!